Dynastes neptunus
Larvae directly after skinning to L3 stadium.

The head capsule is direct after hatching white coloured, changing by time from brown to dark brown. 


L3 larvae direct after skinning

After 18 month this larvae has got a weight of 74 gramms   

Larvae L3 (74 gr.)

Cocoon of Dynastes neptunus 20.03.2005
 Cocoon of Dynastes neptunus with female beetle inside 20.03.2005
Male nymphe of Dynastes neptunus 20.03.2005
 This diagram shows,

divided to the genus of the larvae,

the increase of weight over a time of 3 years


Photo of a male , 14.07.2005
Photo: 14.07.2005


female  ca. 80 mm

male ca. 120 mm


This adult male of Dynastes neptunus, caught in Venezuela, has been abandoned by Norbert Flauger.